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Grasiano Takawira


Mr Takawira worked for Barclays Bank of Zimbabwe Ltd and Founders Building Society in various management positions in Zimbabwe before moving to be part of the team that pioneered the establishment of Zimbabwe’s first locally owned building bank called Zimbabwe Building Society. In the UK, he was part of the team that started Savant Sage Telecommunications Ltd . He was part of the team that established Cranbrook Business School an independent higher education institution in the UK where he was Registrar and Finance Director.

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Mr Takawira is a consultant to the COMESA Carbon Pipeline initiative which has undertaken work in 11 countries within the COMESA region. Some of the countries he has consulted include Rwanda, Uganda, Zimbabwe, DRC and Zambia as part of the COMESA waste to energy initiatives. He has carried out waste to energy visits to Indonesia, Singapore and Czech Republic to explore waste to energy technologies. He is a Director of the Zimbabwean based Africa Education Services (Pvt) Ltd which operates the outfits of Africa Leadership Convention Executive Development and Training Services and African Business School. Mr Takawira was a Visiting Business Executive to Rwanda Development Centre in Kigali and a member of the Swedish based International Christian Chamber of Commerce and a Director of Renaissance-Mein Ltd in Rwanda. Mr Takawira holds the following qualifications:

MBA (Finance)
Fellow of the Association of Advancement of Management Education (AAME)
Diploma in Banking.


Joseph Qobo Mayisa


Mr Mayisa has 15 years’ experience in Project Management, fortified by PRINCE2 Project Management training, he has worked on various social engineering and developmental projects. He managed the Mount Zion Ltd, a multi -million pound inner city regeneration project in Aston Birmingham. He conducted several research projects including a Diaspora baseline study for University of Wales in 2005, consulted for TEARFUND UK, worked on developing programs for transfer of conservation farming techniques in Africa and Diaspora skills transfer.

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He helped establish the Aston School for Social Entrepreneurs in 2007. He has consulted in green technology by providing consultancy support to waste to energy companies in emerging technologies. He was the lead consultant on the COMESA Carbon Pipeline initiative in 2013 and consulted in Kenya, Malawi, Ethiopia, Mauritius, Zambia, Zimbabwe Botswana, South Africa and Swaziland. His experience covers assessments of several of waste to energy technologies in China, Thailand, Germany and Belgium. Mr Mayisa holds the following qualifications holds:

MA Communication and Development
PRINCE 2 Project Management
Fellow – Institute of Leadership and Management


Sean Xoli Sibanda


Dr Sibanda is an environmental and health practitioner with experience in engineering technology retailing. He has worked in the field of public health for over 15 years, working for various organisations that include, Staffordshire NHS Trust, Wolverhampton NHS Trust. He has worked as a director at Ariella Health in the UK, specializing in Public health issues affecting disadvantaged communities. Dr Sibanda has provided consultancy services on Municipal Waste Management to various organisations in Africa, including the Central District of Botswana and the Gaborone City Council and the City of Johannesburg.

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Dr Sibanda is a consultant to the COMESA Carbon Pipeline initiative which has undertaken work in 11 countries within the COMESA region. He has consulted in Malawi, Mauritius, Kenya, Comoros, Zimbabwe and Zambia as part of the COMESA waste to energy initiatives. Dr Sibanda has carried out assessments on waste to energy technologies in the UK, Spain and Belgium. Dr Sibanda worked for Aluminium 2000 in Botswana, holding management positions first as the Public Relations Officer and then as the Sales and Marketing Manager. He holds the following qualifications:

PhD Leadership and Management
MSc Environmental Management
BSc (Hons) Public Health Studies
Bachelor of Business Administration Degree (Marketing)
GradIEMA: Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment UK.


Joel Nkosana Mtetwa


Mr Mtetwa worked as a Farm equipment engineer i.e designing and remodeling farm equipment, working for the Farm and Equipment Center in Zimbabwe. Mr Mtetwa has severed as an Assistant Farm and Projects manager for Matabeleland Province under the Adventist Development and Relief Agency Zimbabwe (ADRA Zim). Mr Mtetwa has provided consultancy services on Municipal Waste Management to COMESA as a consultant in the Carbon Pipeline projects which covered 11 countries within the COMESA region. Mr Mtetwa has consulted in Malawi, Kenya, Comoros, Djibouti, Zimbabwe and Zambia as part of the COMESA waste to energy initiatives.

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He holds the following qualifications:

MSc Development Studies
BSc (Hons) Biochemistry
BSc Agribusiness
Certificate in Pig Management.


Penny Malunga


Ms Malunga has worked as a Researcher at Intergender Developmental Council. She has also worked as researcher at Irvine’s Zimbabwe in Chemical and Process Systems. She was a Teaching Assistant at Harare Institute of Technology and a Junior Engineer on contract with the Zimbabwe Innovation Technologies (ZIMIT). Ms Malunga served as Group Systems Developmental and Compliance Manager with Natpak Ltd where she was responsible for operations management of the company. Currently she is Operative Executive / Head of Operations where she oversees operations in the PET and HDPE for Natpak Ltd. She holds several certificates and has undergone courses in the packaging industry.

  • – Master of Technology in Strategy and Innovation
  • – Bachelor of Technology (Hons) in Chemical and Process Systems Engineering

Ian Nyasha Mutamiri


Ian is passionate about leveraging quality technology for social benefits. He has over 10 years’ experience working in both development and private sectors as a systems developer and data analyst. He has had diverse corporate experience across industries including Fin-Tech, Telecommunications, Retail banking, Micro-Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing, Recycling and Agriculture. His research work in mobile language learning solutions for children (NatiV) has seen him being awarded two FIRE (AFRINIC) Grants in 2013 and 2016, as well as the POTRAZ Innovation Drive Fund in 2017. Ian has also been shortlisted for the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation Prize from the Royal Academy of Engineering in London (2014) and has received a WSIS (World Summit of the Information Society) Champion Award for contributing to action line 8: Cultural diversity and identity, linguistic diversity and local content, from the International Telecommunications Union, ITU. He is the Co-Founder of a Zimbabwean non-profit aimed at empowering women and children through technology education called the Purple Future Trust, who have hosted two international events (the Next Einstein Forum’s Africa Science Week, which happens in over 30 African countries simultaneously) in 2018 and 2019. He is currently studying towards a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Computer Studies, focusing on Machine Learning Approaches for Credit Risk Assessment in the Microfinance Industry. He is the Innovation Representative for the Zimbabwe Institute of Engineers’ ICT Division (ZICT). Ian is also a husband, father and a hobbyist music producer and sound engineer.

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